Teaching Process


Recognition and understanding of behavioral patterns of the school going child is important for his/her proper growth and development. Our school provides proper management and counseling of the child which helps the child to attain the decided goals and in creating a healthy environment for optimum growth of the child.

Remedial Classes

Extra/Remedial Classes are held after school free of cost to the students who require special attention ensuring that every student has attained the prescribed essential learning outcome in all the subjects. Support of the parents is needed to encourage their wards by sending them to attend these classes.

Chapter wise Assignments

The topic/chapter wise assignment is given on the completion of each topic/chapter. It is made like a CBSE question paper & on the same pattern. It enables the students to assess their understanding & preparedness of each topic, to again fully understand the weak topics and practice accordingly to achieve better results.

Question Bank

Class work registers are specially designed for the students of classes 9th to 12th who go through a rigorous academic programme and also have to prepare for various competitive and entrance examinations which decide the future career of the students. The school encuorages the student to understand each and every topic fully and completely and repeatedly practice doing all available questions on that topic.

MCQ Testing

MCQ testing through OMR sheets also forms a part of evaluation process. This helps the teacher to analyze which topics are not fully understood by the students and to again make them understand the same fully and clearly. The objective is to ensure 100% understanding.

Activity Based Learning